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Viewing 3 D Stereograms you:

ballLearn how to shift your consciousness so your mind is able to work differently to perceive the reality that's embedded inside the pixel pattern of a stereogram.

ballExplore your mind by entering a meditative state of consciousness

ball Realize that your mind acquires a new ability- getting a little bit closer to being able to understand more about our existence and gaining extrasensory perception.

ballMaster your concentration in a way necessary to be able to explore abilities of your mind.

Framed Stereogram On The Wall

Stereograms For Meditation.

The theory behind Stereogram by Andrei Bannikov

In 1992 I first came across stereograms. It was a book with about 20 "Magic Eye" pictures and orthodox descriptions which suggested you cross your eyes when you viewed these images. When we see stereograms, our eyes are not actually crossed, they simply adjust to distance so you are looking at the picture. Stereogram is a repeatable pattern made of series of pixels. Human mind is capable of treating that pattern as a rhythm, or series of rhythms, similar to music. Distortions of these patterns in this case are translated by our mind as a 3rd dimension. When we see an image inside another image, we actually perceive reality in the mind plane where all pixels are redistributed by our subconscious mind algorithm. What we see is often called 3D. I would suggest we experience new reality.

Reality is like a hologram - a concentration of energy and information that only becomes solid when interpreted by our own mind. Stereographic images allow us to explore the simplest "Hello World" like an example of a ' software' that our subconscious operates on. When inputted visual information contains rhythmical patterns, somehow our mind tunes in to treat it as a plenum (a background substructure that is the encoder and the carrier of the information), and the distortions of those patterns is the information that is interpreted and served to us in the familiar 3D format.


Elven Star autostereogram

"Elven Star"

3 D Stereogram

by Andrei Bannikov
The symbol for earth, a square with four sides, combined with the trinity, representing heaven. These are bound together in harmony, forming a seven-pointed star - the septagram, also known as the "Elven Star". This ancient symbol represents universal balance. Seven is a magical number, so many like the elven star for it's seven points. There are seven wonders of the ancient world, seven visible colors in a rainbow, seven notes to a musical scale, and seven levels of heaven. Additionally, there are seven chakras, or energy centers in the body, and seven days of the week. Elven Star
"Elven Star" stereogram pic
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